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WEAVE Industrial Parks

jdw park xWeave Industrial Parks include commercial lots available for purchase, lease, or we will build to suit a tenant’s needs under a long-term triple-net lease. Weave has purchased and/or built several office/shop combinations which are then leased out (for example, Warren Transport-Billings offices and shops; Warren Transport-West/Belgrade offices and shop; EM – Bagging Operations, and more.).

Another example of a “built-to-suit” partnership is the Farstad Oil complex at 2350 N. Frontage Road in Billings completed in May 2003 and operated under a long-term triple-net lease.

Prime Billings, Montana, Johnson Lane (Lockwood) commercial lots are ready for such build-to -suit development or sale.

Benefiting from the newly installed sewer system in Lockwood, and recent other commercial developments in the area (including the Flying J and Town Pump Truck Stations, Heliproz retail location, Truck Washing facility, and future Pacific Steel Recycling), these scarce commercial lots are in a very desirable location – especially for any company needing railroad access. Mined gravel in various sizes are now available for sale. Half the gravel has been mined to date.

Land Available for Lockwood Industrial Development Opportunity.

Weave owns a large portion of the site designated for the Lockwood Targeted Economic Development District (TEDD). This ideal industrial park land is located east of Billings, MT along Johnson Lane and Coulson Road.

What is the Lockwood TEDD? Yellowstone County, in conjunction with Big Sky Economic Development (BSED), is seeking to enhance and expand economic activities through the development of planned, ready-to-go industrial space that supports secondary, value adding industries. This effort would be enriched through the creation of a Targeted Economic Development District (TEDD) on 570 acres of land in the Lockwood area. Yellowstone County intends to use tax increment financing as part of its overall strategy to provide infrastructure in support of value-adding industry. The purpose of the Lockwood TEDD is to provide planned industrial space in order to attract and retain industrial and manufacturing businesses in Yellowstone County.

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